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Metacognitions and learning from texts. - Does disfluency lead to more accurate metacognitive judgments, better control of the learning process, and an enhancement of the learning-outcome?

Have you ever been disappointed about bad grades that you had not expected before? If so, you are not the only one, that is, learners often judge their learning-outcome inaccurately. But it is important to judge the own knowledge accurately while e.g. preparing for an exam. Accurate judgments about your own knowledge may help you to allocate your study-time to the parts of the learning contents that you have not yet understood. In our research project we are investigating how the accuracy of metacognitive judgments can be enhanced. To understand the cognitive processes related to learning more deeply, learners’ eye-movements are tracked while learning from texts. The results will give us new insights on how learners process learning contents, on which basis they make their metacognitive judgments, and how the accuracy of these judgments can be promoted. More information about this project can be obtained from Christoph Mengelkamp and Elisabeth Pieger.

Time: 2014 - 2015

Funding Agency: DFG (German Research Foundation): Me4456/2-1