The department of Psychology of Communication and New Media has been headed by Prof. Dr. Markus Appel since April 2017. Our research focuses on various communication and media psychology topics such as the effects cognitive and emotional processing of stories, the role of internet and mobile communication on identity and self-concept, user responses to artificial intelligence and humanoid robots, and the psychological determinants of falling for conspiracy beliefs and misinformation.

The department is involved in the BSc program Media Communication (main topics: Psychology of Online and Mobile Communication and Research Methods), the MSc program Psychology of digital Media, and the MSc program Media Entertainment.


Zwei offene Stelle für Doktorand*innen (m/w/d)

Tobias Richter, Jan Rudloff und Markus Appel

Jan Philipp Rudloff: Erfolgreiche Verteidigung der Dissertation

Andrea Grundke verteidigt mit Erfolg ihre Dissertation an der Universität Würzburg

In his new book, Prof. Markus Appel sheds light on communication and opinion formation in the digital age.

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