Professur für Psychologie Intelligenter Interaktiver Systeme

The group of Psychology of Intelligent Interactive Systems focuses on human cognition, emotion, and behavior in digital interactions and experiences. Our key topics include multimodal interaction paradigms between humans and intelligent, digital entities, and change experiences during and after digital interventions. We strive for meaningful, social, responsible, and sustainable answers on desiderata resulting from new paradigms of human-technology interactions.

Our research combines multiple methods and perspectives to invigorate flourishing synergies between psychology and computer science.

Our teaching encourages students to become confident and mindful agents of digitalization.

The professorship Psychology of Intelligent Interactive Systems contributes to the education in the bachelor program Mensch-Computer-Systeme and master program Human-Computer Interaction.

Prof. Dr. Carolin Wienrich together with Prof. Dr. Marc Erich Latoschik (Chair of Human-Computer-Interaction) also leads the XR HUB Würzburg. More information under In addition, Prof. Dr. Carolin Wienrich has established and leads the research group AI Psychology at the University of Würzburg.



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