Psychologische Ergonomie

    Workshop Autonomous Everyday Objects: Exploring Actuation in Ubiquitous Devices


    Am 27.9. wurde ein Workshop von Diana Nowacka (UCL) abgehalten in dem Studierende einen Tag lang Interaktionsmöglichkeiten von mit Aktuatoren und Sensoren versehenen Alltagsgegenständen explorierten, wie beispielsweise beweglichen Schreibtischlampen zur Steigerung physischer Aktivität am Arbeitsplatz.

    Zur Workshopleiterin: Diana Nowacka, University College London

    My research revolves around exploring how autonomous behaviours in interactive technologies might shape and influence users' interactions and behaviours. I'm interested in how people interact with autonomous technology and want to study how to leverage our social behaviour towards technology in support of human-computer interaction through physical prototyping.

    I am in the process of finishing my PhD at Open Lab, Newcastle University, under the supervision of David Kirk. My main interests lie in creating new interfaces and in exploring modern technologies such as interactive surfaces, embedded sensors and actuators. I completed my B.Sc. (Information Technology) at University of Wuppertal in Germany in 2010 and decided to change directions a bit, towards Computing Science and Human-Computer Interaction. I therefore started a Masters in "Applied Computing Science" at University Essen. I finished my Masters during an internship at Open Lab (formerly Culture Lab), Newcastle, where I worked on the detection of active objects on Multi-Touch Tables.


    In this workshop we would like to discuss ideas around autonomous interfaces, through a practical design and creation session in which you respond to our design briefs exploring the actuation of domestic devices. A crafting kit will be provided (Arduino with attached actuators, various materials such as fabric, cardboard, velcro), which lets you record a performed movement that can later be reproduced - move and replay basically. Together we will build prototypes in groups, trying out different modes of actuation. No expertise is required, as we will provide a prototyping kit which is easily accessible even for non-technical people.

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