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Media and Business Communication


In the undergraduate and graduate programs (Bachelor of Science in Media Communication, Master of Science in Media Communication), the students learn about the functioning of mass media and how to critically question and systematically analyze media contents and offers. They ought to be able to evaluate and manage communication and marketing processes strategically. On the one hand, it is important to us to connect theory and practice in our classes, on the other hand, we lay a focus on connecting our teaching to the latest research.

The teaching portfolio is target-oriented and follows a clear structure. It consists of four components:

1) Lectures, in which the basics of selected fields of Media Communication are taught:

a) Media Systems: Press & Broadcasting
b) Media Reception and Media Effects
c) Music and Media
d) Economy, Market and Media

2) Accompanying seminars, in which the contents of the lectures are deepened and applied to concrete topics or media offers:

a) Media: Conception and Marketing
b) Effects of Advertising/ Sports/ Music in the Media
c) Music and Radio Production
d) Marketing and PR-Campaigns

3) Research seminars, in which students develop and carry out empirical studies concerning our current research topics, some of the recent topics included:

a) An insight into Corporate Advertising
b) Talent Shows – Blessing or Curse for the Music Industry?
c) The Soccer World Cup 2014: Four Weeks of Samba, Summer and Soccer-Enjoyment? The Representation of Brazil in the Media Coverage
d) Traditional vs Alternative Hit Mixtures on the Radio

4) Practical seminars, in which actual problems from practice are dealt with by the students, thereby cooperating with real experts from the business world and developing realistic concepts and solutions, for instance:

a) Media Planning
b) Label and Artist Management
c) Online-Startups and Entrepreneurship
d) Strategical Brand Management

Furthermore, the Department of Media and Business Communication was substantially involved with the conception and establishment of the endowed chair “Business Journalism” at the University of Würzburg, which was manned by summer semester 2015. The range of courses of this professorship is directed at students in the graduate programs of Media Communication or Economics and offers a cross-media apprenticeship with a sound economic background. Follow this link to to the website of the chair of Business Journalism and their current educational offers.