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PsyErgo auf der TEI’24 Konferenz in Cork, Irland


Sara Wolf und Jörn Hurtienne besuchten in diesem Jahr die TEI in Cork.

Die Conference on Tangible, Embedded and Embodied Interaction (TEI) befasst sich mit neusten „greifbaren“ Tools und Interaktionstechnologien, aktuellen Fragen der Mensch-Computer-Interaktion, und interaktiver Kunst. In allen auf der TEI präsentierten Arbeiten liegt der Fokus besonders darauf, wie digitale und physische Elemente sinnvoll in neuen interaktiven Technologien verbunden werden können.

Sara Wolf besuchte das Studio „Entangled threads – Exploring the value and significance of bringing a craft ethos to debates around the IoT/connected things” und präsentierte gemeinsam mit ihren Co-Autor:innen Caroline Claisse (Open Lab, Newcastle University) und Robert B. Markum (School of Information, University of Michigan) das Paper „Mediating the Sacred: Configuring a Design Space for Religious and Spiritual Tangible Interactive Artifacts”. Für diese Arbeit erhielten sie eine Honorable Mention Auszeichnung.



Tangible artifacts and embodied experiences are central to religious and spiritual (R/S) practices, and many HCI researchers and interaction designers highlight the importance of materiality and physicality in design. In this review paper, we bring these perspectives together and examine 44 examples of R/S tangible interactive artifacts (TIAs) from academia, art, industry, and R/S communities to understand their specifics and guide future HCI research and design. We analyze these artifacts and map out a design space for R/S TIAs by matching identified characteristics of R/S TIAs with a framework from the study of material religion. The descriptive and generative R/S TIA Design Space covers insights into bodies, things, places, practices, and backgrounds. This paper offers a novel contribution to HCI research on the value and importance of tangibility and embodiment in technology mediated practices in R/S contexts and serves as a source for future R/S TIA creation and research.



Markum, R. B., Wolf, S., Claisse, C., & Hoefer, M. (2024). Mediating the Sacred: Configuring a Design Space for Religious and Spiritual Tangible Interactive Artifacts Proceedings of the Eighteenth International Conference on Tangible, Embedded, and Embodied Interaction,

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