Media and Business Communication

Generally speaking, communication through the media is well planned out and target-oriented. Tactics and strategies of communicators – be it advertising companies, associations, parties or media professionals themselves – determine our media reality, which aligns especially with the highly demanded sectors of entertainment, music and sports, focusing on market potential as well as target groups. With this in mind, successful communication can be measured by determining if it has the the desired impact on the audience and how well the communicators target group is reached. Plain contact rates (like audience rating or range) do not state anything about the desired effect.

That is why we at the department of Media and Business Communication are interested in the quality of media contacts: How are medial messages and contents experienced and processed? Which factors influence the effect and thereby the success of medial communication? How do I have to construct a media offer, a message or an advertisement, to initiate special processes and experiences for the recipient? From our point of view, valuable insights in the strategic design and conception of communication and media offers are provided especially by the reception and impact research, which has been severely neglected so far.

Focus Areas

  • Marketing and Brand Communication
  • Impact of traditional and new forms of Advertising
  • Strategic Media Design and Conception

  • Representation, Experience and Effect of Music in the Media
  • Music in the Media through the Ages
  • Music Marketing and Management

  • Representation, Experience and Effect of Sports in the Media
  • Social Effects of Major Sporting Events on TV (Soccer World Cup, Olympic Games)
  • Advertisements during and also for Media Sports

  • Representation, Experience and Effect of Entertainment Offers
  • Parasocial Interactions and Relationships with Media Personalities
  • Flow Experience and Presence

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