ViLeArn @ Digitaltag Bayern 2020


    The project ViLeArn was presented at the Digital Day Bavaria 2020. As part of the XR-Hub slot, the current prototype of project ViLeArn was streamed via Zoom.

    The first nationwide Digital Day took place on 19.06.2020. Various events were held to discuss topics related to digitisation. The University of Würzburg and the XR Hub Bavaria also took part. JProf. Dr. Carolin Wienrich gave a short introduction on the potentials and possible risks that extended reality can offer for co-working in the future. The presentation took place in the ViLeArn platform developed by Florian Kern (M.Sc.) and Peter Kullmann (M.Sc.) in coorperation with Prof.in Dr. Silke Grafe, which was then streamed via Zoom. The speakers were represented by photorealistic avatars made in the Embodiment Lab under the guidance of Andrea Bartl (M.Sc.).

    To point out possible dangers Prof. Dr. Marc Erich Latoschik was played by a student assistant.

    XR HUB Bavaria meets Digitaltag - Prof. Dr. Carolin Wienrich

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