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    Media Communication

    The research group on Media Communication consists of Prof. Dr. Markus Appel (chair), Dr. Christoph Mengelkamp, Dr. Silvana Weber, Dr. Constanze Schreiner, Dr. Thorsten Aichele, Dipl.-Psych Stefan Krause, and Caroline Marker, M.A.

    Our research deals with several research topics within the psychology of communication and new media, including (but not limited to)…

    • Social Networking Sites and Mobile Communication
    • The Processing of Fictional Stories
    • Stereotype Threat
    • Users’ Responses to Humanoid Robots
    • Learning in a Digital World
    • Humor, Irony and Sarcasm

    Our work has been published in renowned journals in psychology and communication science, such as the Journal of Communication, Communication Research, Journal of Personality, Educational Psychology Review, Intelligence, and many others.




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